Gates and Bars


Security when you need it… Gone when you don’t!

These gates and grills fold away, out of sight when not in use.

Xpanda, offers the alternative to unsightly “fixed” bars. Our range of gates and grills serve to block and visually deter unwelcome intruders.

Easy and Simple to Use

Our unique heavy duty double diamond security gates and grills provides the second line of defence against entering the premises, or storage or inventory area.

No matter what window you want to protect, We’ll find the home security products that is right for the job.

It’s no wonder Mr. Goodbar’s home security products have been the choice of hundreds of thousands of homeowners for the past 30 years.

For 43 years, MR. GOODBAR® has been manufacturing quality security products for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional use. Our security bars, made with top quality, cold-rolled steel construction for unyielding strength, are an effective visual and physical deterrent, economical and easy-to-install. Extensive field experience and product development has made MR. GOODBAR® The Original Home Security Bars the #1 selling security bars in Canada.


Mr. Goodbar