Total Control at Your Fingertips! From the Slimline Touchpad to your mobile, it's button-press simplicity. Arm and disarm effortlessly with intuitive icons. Monitor security, cameras, and home devices—all on a single screen!

Pro-Grade HD Security Cameras: Crystal-clear recording day and night. Clips auto-save in-app, ready for download and sharing on your phone. Speak to visitors via two-way voice, no door opening needed.

Backed by a High-Speed, Security-Centric Network: Instant command response, faster than a blink. Robust encryption safeguards camera and device signals, leaving hackers locked out for good.


Tailored to Your Needs: Introducing Connect+—the pinnacle of smart home security by Alula, tailored for individual preferences.

Connect+ is your ultimate wireless command center, merging alarm monitoring, cameras, and home automation seamlessly for dependable security.

While property owners appreciate entry delays for disarming, these moments are exploited by burglars targeting security panels. Conventional systems cancel intrusion signals when panels are disabled, but Alula’s advanced security thwarts this with FailSafe™. This persistent health check in Connect+ eliminates the vulnerability burglars exploit.

PowerSeries Neo

Unleash Flexibility with PowerSeries Neo: Seamlessly blending modular, hardwired agility with a rich array of wireless peripherals, PowerSeries Neo pioneers the ultimate hybrid system. Perfectly adaptable for small businesses to expansive commercial ventures.

  • Crystal-clear two-way communication for zero lost alarm messages
  • Outsmarting interference with Multi-channel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology
  • Devices intuitively navigate for optimum connection, sidestepping RF obstacles
  • Message collisions eliminated by TDMA synchronized communication tech
  • AES-128 encryption shields against advanced analysis and digital threats