How to Change an Access Code

Step 1 Your system must be in the Disarmed state to change user codes.

Step 2 Press [*]-[5].

Step 3 Enter a “Master Arm/Disarm Code”. NOTE: For partitioned systems, someone changing the code of another person must have access to all or more partitions than the user being changed.

Step 4 The ready light will flash.

Step 5 Enter the 2-digit “user number”. You must always enter 2 digits, such as [0] - [3] for user 3, or [1] - [2] for user 12.

Step 6 Enter the new four (4) or six (6) digit “user code”. NOTE: To delete a user code, enter [*]-[*]-[*]-[*] for a 4-digit code, or [*]-[*]-[*]-[*]-[*]-[*] for a 6-digit code.

Step 7 The ready light will flash indicating you are back at Step 4 above. If the code is rejected, the sounder will beep 3 times.

Step 8 If another “user code” needs to be programmed, return to Step 5.

Step 9 Press the [#] key while the ready light is flashing to exit the User Code Programming Mode.

Step 10 Email or Fax your Changes to the Monitoring Center  (Datawest@apidealers.com or 1-866-615-4304)