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Interlogix™ access control solutions are easily scalable and integrate with existing infrastructure to meet changing needs. Award-winning TruPortal™ systems install quickly and deliver improved security, reduced costs and more effective response.

TruPortal Access Control

TruPortal™ offers an IP Appliance-Based Access Control System integrated with the TruVision® line of video products that is designed for small to medium-sized commercial buildings. The easy-to-install system features a browser-based interface that does not require specialized training, additional software or licensing. A companion iPad® app enables users to remotely monitor system activity and perform basic administrative tasks, such as adding or deleting users. Plus, mobile users of the native iPhone® or Android phone application can perform the most common command and control functions including video, reports and door commands directly from their phone.

TruPortal Card Reader

TruPortal Multi Technology Readers

TruPortal™ multi-technology access readers are offered in a number of styles and offer the advantage of simultaneous compatibility with multi-vendor credentials. The T-100 and T-200 readers also offer a compact design and basic multi-vendor compatibility.

TruPortal System

Easily integrates into the modern world

TruPortal delivers user-friendly operation that installs easily for an out-of-the-box solution that's well suited for small to mid-sized applications. With no dedicated-server requirements, up-front costs are reduced too.

TruPortal-Truvision Integration

Seamless integration. Complete coverage.

Part of a multi-faceted security system, TruPortal provides TruVision video integration with access events along with manual data back up capabilities.